• What are the diferences between a MUD and a MOOD?
    Pronounce -> MUD = mãd, MOOD = mud
    Meaning -> MUD = Multi User Dungeon, MOOD = MultiUser Objetc Oriented Dungeon
    Jogo -> MUD = kill, eat, sleep, kill again, events repeats forever;
    MOOD -> do quests, talk, chronologic line, unique events

  • How can I participate?
    Read the history, go to and help us programming it.

  • Is it Open-Source, GPL?
    Mostly will be. Unhapply not all sources are made from me, so I can't give up everthing, and mostly I don't want people just copy it, I want people to expand, increment, create new ways, so the project can even overcome my local program.
    But I can give other parts not open source if someone asks with intention to learn, not copy.
    Fell free to use our sourceforge boards to discuss this.

  • I can't understand, isn't Argon in english?
    Mostly not. It's brazilian portuguese, but if you help us out we can add i18n (internacionalization) to the program, sources and docs in the future. I'm not very good at english so I don't plan to loose a lot of time translating more than this homepage.

  • Can't I play already?
    On alpha stage we don't have a public player anymore, but once we enter beta stage, we'll rebuild Teste, a warrior without password for those who want try the system working.
    On final stage it will be removed again.

  • What was used to program it?
    Well, I have a RedHat 6.0 at home, running LamdaMOO server, but now I'm doing the programming on my job at end weeks. Japah have a RedHat 6.2 at home, Icaro progrms direct at our local MOO server. I mostly use Kwrite (from KDE 2.1) to write codes, using highlight perl.
    I do recommend people try Linux (mandrake 7.2 or redhat 6.2 mostly), it's a exelent programming system, and is open source too.

  • How can I help?
    Go to our sourceforge page, get the sources (when avaible), and get familiar with it. If you don't know LambdaMOO language, go to and get the LambdaMOO programming manual, install MOO at home (unix users can use oficial Lambda server, windows users can use winMOO) and create some programs, LambdaMOO is a good learning languge, so it should be very easy to lear if you already know some similar language as C, PHP, etc.

    We accept donations too, a harddisk or a new computer (a 486dx100 is enought) would be welcome, once we don't have much money to buy one.

  • When will be it ready?
    When id does, sorry, help us to get there faster.

  • Why is't so late on schedule?
    Lots of problems, and mostly unsolved yet, like a loss of my 2.1GB hard drive, closing of a laboratory on local university, and some personal programs.
    And, sure, program is not something very easy, missing programming experience was a hrd thing to pass over. We ask forgivness from people who sent character form, but we will not give them the players soon, because we don't have a public server to host it, and some changes in the structure would be very hard if a lot of plqayers and objects are already created.
    If those people can't be contacted in the future when we open a server, they will have their place on the Argon world we promisse.

  • Is there equipment?
    Sure, all those fantasic magic weapons will be there.

  • What kind of Dungons & Dragons will it be?
    Most close of the book as we can do, adapted for text mode, more simple on beggining, but we'll expand it with time.

  • There are races and classes?
    Yes, humans, elves, half-elves, dwarfs, warriors, clerics, rogues, wizards and more.

  • Will, and if I die?
    Well, think on this, there is no dungeon master looking at the game all time, players can do some foolish things like trying to kill the tarrasque on level 1, so loosing a player on this scenario is very easy, this is why players just get too wonded to fight, don't dying like in muds, so you don't will have piles of players corpses on the ground. In terms of system, you just keeps a time without the hability to do anything, we plan to create some npcs with really kills player after combat later and remove constitution after some knockouts.

  • Can I use special caracters like acute?
    LambdaMOO wasn't made to support this, but I adapted a patch for Cyrilic, so some special caracters from portuguese works fine.
  • How can I save my gameplay?
    Agon dosen't have a save system, have you have done you have done, it's all automaticaly saved.

  • Hell, it's all dark, what I do?
    That's because it's night, normally a new player have a lamp ("lampião") in his inventory, if it's the case, hold it (hold lampião), if not, find a store with sells it, or waits until it's day again (tipe time to see the game's time and date).

  • Hey, the time is faster on game
    Each 2 seconds are relative to one minute in the game, but this dosen't matter much on gameplay, when someone tells you witch you have 10 minutes to do something, he'll telling real time, but when he refers to dates it's game dates.

  • If you have some doubts contact

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